Ann Coulter Gets Dissed by Delta Airlines, Then Trashed, She Responds


Ann Coulter had her seat taken away from her by Delta a couple weeks ago. The 6 foot tall pundit and author paid extra for a seat with more legroom. The flight attendant who moved her didn’t know why she was being bumped, and the person who took the preferred seat was another woman — a much shorter woman.

Coulter went on a Twitterstorm. She literally went bonkers. That’s her general style. It’s likely she believed she was moved deliberately because of her politics.

We have a few of her tweets here

She also posted stories from other passengers unhappy with Delta. A number say they’ve been kicked out of pre-booked seats without explanation by arrogant attendants.

Delta’s not sorry

Delta’s response was nasty but it’s up to the reader to decide if it’s warranted. Remember when the customer was always right?

Then they criticized her. We say she’s lucky they didn’t drag her off bloody and beaten.

And they got all fake-supportive of their other customers.

Coulter won’t let up

Maybe they should have just apologized. They don’t have the best reputation.

She retweeted this.

I was a stewardess for PanAm and tend to give the airline’s side when possible, but there isn’t a clear explanation for why the airlines moved her seat. There’s also an issue with an airline that has a reputation for bad customer service tweeting aggressively. However, Coulter was harsh.

What do you think?


  1. Coulter was right to be angry, especially since they did not give a good reason for what they did to her.

    I do not know if there are other tweets, that are worse or use foul language, but the ones I see on this page above are not what I would call ” going too far”.

    Ann Coulter is a best selling author, has been on tv a thousand times, she is very well known, and when a celebrity is treated badly it is usually intentional…who does not know who she is ??

    We non-liberals ( some are not exactly conservatives ) have been bullied by the left for decades… being nice, polite and appeasing has only made the left more audacious, and they have only cranked up the volume on bullying us.

    Based on what I see here, Ann Coulter is 100% right, she gets my approval!

    • It was Ann Coulter who once wrote something to the effect that Conservatives want to be liked by everyone, but Liberals don’t care, which is why Liberals get everything they want and Conservatives always lose out and cave under

  2. Obviously someone didn’t like her politics, delta needs to clean house & get new management!

    • I just read about it on yahoo news and of course – because they are part of the liberal media – they make it sound like delta is right and Coulter wrong.

      I read the whole thing and nowhere does delta say why they gave Coulter’s seat to another woman.

      they admit she wanted an aisle seat and they gave her a window seat, so delta is wrong there but they do not say why that other woman got Coulter’s seat.

      of course the entire liberal media – and that includes the media in Canada, Angland, france, Ireland, Norway etc etc – will say it is Coulter who is wrong, because all of them are in the same business for the same people ; the business of fake news to help liberal stay in power, get re-elected.

      Coulter is right wing, the media hates her.

  3. Airlines must be held accountable for their booking practices. When they sell a ticket there is an implied contract between customer and airline.

  4. Delta used to be the best company in Atlanta to work for , now they are just another freight hauler.

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