Another Bombshell: Hillary Clinton Helped a Donor Escape Justice



There is overwhelming evidence of Hillary Clinton’s corruption, not only of violations of national security, but of her money laundering non-profit Foundation. It’s possible but not likely the Department of Justice will prosecute her though all but the most ardent Hillary admirers know the truth.

The Observer has yet another stunning example of her flouting the law. The Clinton Foundation helped a donor’s flight from justice.

Gonzalo Tirado was a donor to the Clinton Foundation helped out by Mrs. Clinton. He was president of and ran the Venezuelan operations for the infamous Stanford Bank. He was as close as a son to Mr. Stanford who is serving 110 years for an $8 billion Ponzi scheme. Tirado was charged with tax evasion and theft in Venezuela in connection to his employment with the bank.

Tirado fled to Miami and petitioned the State Department for political asylum though he had no basis for it since he had no record of opposition to the Chavez government. He was allowed to remain the US and live in the lap of luxury.

The Obama administration wouldn’t help the Chavez government investigate Tirado but they did indict former DEA agent Tom Raffanello who once headed up the DEA’s Miami office and who was the agency’s chief of congressional affairs during Bill Clinton’s first term.

Mr. Raffanello was prosecuted and it ended up in failure. It was prompted and abetted by Mr. Tirado who acted as an FBI informant. Raffanello was vindicated.

“Tirado believed in buying influence,” Mr. Raffanello said of the crooked financier. “He wouldn’t give away 10 cents that he didn’t think he’d get back a dollar on. That was his entire philosophy.”

Raffanello said that during Mrs. Clinton’s years in the Obama administration, the “prevailing wisdom in Miami at the time, among people in high profile civil and criminal defense circles, was that giving money to the Clinton Foundation was very helpful. She was secretary of state and a potential future president. I’m sure that’s the same thinking now.”

Tirado lived very well until 2006 when the Stanford bank audit showed he had fleeced $5 million from the company. Tirado left his job and started up his own bank which he used to fleece the locals. That’s when he was investigated.

After Tirado fled, he spent wildly, became a big investor, lived in splendor, and had to find a way to stay in the US.  Tirado hired a US lobbyist Jonathan Mantz of BGR to work the system to get him asylum.

Mr. Mantz currently chairs Hillary’s 2016 Super PAC, Priorities USA Action. Mr. Tirado paid BGR $350,000 so he could continue to live his corrupt life.

Mantz lobbied Hillary’s State Department to let Tirado stay in Miami. Tirado donated between $5,000 and $10,000 to the Clinton Foundation at the same time.

Tirado thought Raffanello who worked security for the Stanford Bank was the source of all his problems. He was able to convince the Obama FBI that Raffanello was corrupt and he was tried for allegedly shredding Stanford Bank documents. The evidence wasn’t there and the government was humiliated.

The author of the article, Ken Silverstein concludes:

To sum up here, a corrupt Venezuelan banker hired a lobbyist close to Hillary Clinton, made a donation to her family’s foundation and has been allowed to live in the United States without fear of prosecution in his homeland. At a time that Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, the Obama Administration staged what can only be described as a political prosecution of an honest man and long-time government employee.

Mr. Raffanello has concluded this about Hillary Clinton’s campaign: “I learned a lot about her and her family when I was in the government, and how they are put together,” he said. “She is a person who will say and do anything in order to get elected president. I don’t think she’s going to win, but there’s nothing she won’t do while trying.”

Another criminal who used Mr. Mantz was Claudio Osorio. He was supposed to use the money to build houses in earthquake-ravaged Haiti. Instead he pocketed the money. To get the loan, he paid a lobbyist and major Hillary fundraiser Jonathan Mantz.


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