Another Executive Order, Another Big Government Agency Enforcing Social Justice in the Schools


Where has Barack Obama been for the last four years? He waited until re-election time to come up with an educational initiative for black people and what does he concentrate on? He focuses on how to give black students an artificial advantage instead of fixing the problem.

This EO will result in social justice for black students, but white students, not so much.

Barack Obama issued an Executive Order on 7/26 which provides cradle to grave Big Government control over black education that will surely not work but fits with his ideology.

The EO states, “Complementing the role of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in preparing generations of African American students for successful careers, and the work of my Administration’s separate White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, this new Initiative’s focus on improving all the sequential levels of education will produce a more effective educational continuum for all African American students.”

It forms the Educational Excellence for African Americans (Initiative) within the already ineffective Department of Education and it will cost us.

The Big Government plan “to deliver a complete and competitive education” from the time they’re born all through their education until they get a career. Big Brother is going to follow black children from birth to college graduation – sure, that will work.

We don’t need another agency in the Department of Education. We currently have plenty of people in the Department of Education working ineffectively on black education and Obama’s solution is to add more of the same.

Obama, in forming this new agency within the Department of Education, wants to increase opportunities for blacks in school from kindergarten through college.  He wants to make sure they graduate but has no clue.

We are now looking towards backdoor affirmative action as we now see in the NYC police and fire departments. Will universities now be under greater pressure to graduate blacks no matter what? Will employers be under pressure to hire unqualified people because of race?

The EO covers black education from kindergarten through college. K -12 education will be required to have two sets of disciplinary policies – one for whites and one for blacks. There is no other way to make this EO work.

Obama mandated that the new agency work with black colleges, an already established initiative under Executive Order 13532. Money will be poured into black colleges through federal programs and some few private partnerships.

Obama wants to increase the numbers of African-American teachers. I tried to get African-American teachers throughout my career – the pool is small unfortunately. If they increase the pool without affirmative action – fine, great, I’m all for it, but funding black colleges over nonracial colleges is not my idea of appropriate use of taxpayer dollars.

Black colleges are well-funded already. This is nothing more than another one of his payoffs.

Obama believes in throwing more money at the problem, “To reach the ambitious education goals we have set for our Nation, as well as to ensure equality of access and opportunity for all, we must provide the support that will enable African American students to improve their level of educational achievement through rigorous and well-rounded academic and support services that will prepare them for college, a career, and a lifetime of learning.”

Obama wants to to add more special education for blacks, only he’ll call it something else.

Obama’s EO brings us resegregation and it will work as badly as it did the first time unless they get social workers into these communities and eliminate the majority of worthless eggheads at the head of these agencies.

Click here to read the EO.

I wish him Godspeed and a quick departure in November.