Another Exhausting Week of Obama Failures



People should be suffering from Obama fatigue but remarkably, a full 46 percent of likely voters approve of Mr. Obama’s job performance according to a Rasmussen daily tracking poll on Sunday. He is racking up failures nonetheless. We have our six favorites for the week of July 28.

1. Obama’s most notable failures this week are his failed negotiations and imposed ceasefires with the terrorist group Hamas. He followed up these failures Sunday by having his State Department condemn an Israeli air strike just outside a United Nation’s school and shelter in Gaza. They called it “disgraceful,” the strongest language to date in response to the military offensive, the hill reported.

At least three U.N. schools have been found to hold missiles.

John Kerry and Barack Obama have strengthened Hamas and are even sending another $47 million their way in “humanitarian” aid. Nancy Pelosi did say Hamas was a “humanitarian” organization. Turkey just had a humanitarian aid shipment stopped by Israel on its way to Gaza and it was filled with ball-bearings and cement mixers, which were obviously slated to be used in suicide bombs and tunnels.

Turkey and Qatar support Hamas and Mr. Obama supports Qatar and Turkey. Kerry met with both nation’s leaders when one Israeli ceasefire negotiation orchestrated by him didn’t work out.

Israelis don’t think much of Obama’s peace negotiator John Kerry:

snapshot of the day

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah read a statement on state TV last Friday. [Abdullah’s an enemy of Israel by the way.] He called the Hamas-Israel war in Gaza a “collective massacre” caused by Hamas, according to Breitbart.

Hamas and their human shield philosophy explained in the next video. They value death like we value life, they say.

via Gatestone Institute


2. Mr. Obama must have Czar-wannabe Vlad Putin quaking in his boots yet again. Mr. Obama spoke with Russia’s leader of his “deep concerns” about Moscow’s increased support for separatists in Ukraine in a telephone call on Friday. Obama also expressed “his preference for a diplomatic solution to the crisis,” the White House said.

I don’t know how Vlad will resist that kind of strong language.

Also on Friday, this photo was tweeted by deputy PM Dmitri Rogozin:

sissy bomb


Sissy-bomb Photo via Fox News


3. Mr. Obama is racking up undocumented Democrats and turning border states and Florida blue. He’s hoping to legalize 6 million illegally using DACA, his illegal amnesty fiat.

The criminals just keep pouring in but Mr. Obama must see that as mere collateral damage. Think of it more as contributing to the welfare state and EBT cards, yay!

The following graph is interesting but it leaves out the enormous number of adults streaming into the country.


graph via GOP USA


4. Mr. Obama has alienated Republicans and half the nation even more with his “stop hating” speech.

“We could do so much more if Congress would just come on and help out a little bit,” Obama said. “Stop being mad all the time. Stop just hating all the time. Let’s get some work done together”,  he said with the utmost cynicism.


5. A new NLRB ruling allows corporate to be sued for any labor dispute at one of its franchises. It will forever change the way companies do business and put food franchises in jeopardy if allowed to stand.

Then there is the new Executive Order requiring firms seeking federal contracts to disclose labor law violations and create compliance advisors at agencies to oversee decisions about which firms get the work. Businesses would get the contracts based on a report card. Business interests are vowing to fight it. It would be very costly for businesses.

An article in the Washington Post indicates that since 2012, Mr. Obama has passed more than 2,000 regulations illegally bypassing Congress.

He does whatever he wants.



6. This week, the Obama administration appointed a German National and Commander to the position of Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army Europe. Apparently Obama couldn’t find one good American for the position. He’s blurring the lines in our military, morphing us into an arm of the U.N.


Mr. Obama has exhausted himself going from fundraiser to fundraiser despite all the ills in the world. He’s even revealed a non-existent plot to impeach him and turned it into a fundraising tool.

It’s been another amazing week with the accidental president.