Another Muslim Hate Crime Exposed as a Lie


A Muslim woman had her hijab ripped off her head by three drunks in the New York subway who told her to go back to her country! She said no one on the train would help her. The police couldn’t find these alleged attackers.

That was the fake news put out by CBS radio every day for the last five days only it’s not true. When will the media get smart and not run with these stories before the facts come in? New York City and Loretta Lynch are reporting that crimes against Muslims are increasing since Donald Trump was elected – will this incident be removed from their stats?

The NY Daily News reported that “She made it all up — and now she’s under arrest.”

The Muslim college student said the three men shouted “Donald Trump” and called her a terrorist while trying to rip her hijab off her head. She has now admitted to detectives that she concocted the entire story.

Yasmin Seweid, 18, has been charged with filing a false report, a police source said.

Seweid had numerous opportunities to admit the incident never happened but again and again stood by her story, the source said.

By Wednesday she said she made it up and blamed family problems. There’s always an excuse.

She was criminally charged.

“This isn’t something we normally like to do but she had numerous opportunities to admit nothing happened and she kept sticking by her story,” the source said.

“We dedicated a lot of resources to this — and don’t get me wrong, this is what we do — but we had guys going back and forth, looking for video and witnesses. And we couldn’t find anything.

This woman has a college degree, she’s pretty, and now she has an arrest record.

Why did she do it? Because she’s a lefty, that’s why!