Another Obama Buddy To Moderate Debate


Bob Shieffer’s the name; liberal politics is his game.  And he will serve as the moderator for the final Romney vs Obama debate in Boca Raton, Florida.

So, do you think Shieffer will be a neutral third party and simply moderate, or do you think he might inject his own political thinking into the mix?  If you said “he’ll skew the debate in favor of Barack Obama”, you’d probably be right.

Shieffer is a Democrat and has been for many years.  Not only a Democrat, but a liberal Democrat at that.

Here’s just one of many examples of how the elderly curmudgeon has politicized his reporting and political analysis for CBS News.  It comes to us from Rich Noyes at the Media Research Center.

“In 2010, when the Tea Party peacefully protested on Capitol Hill during the final ObamaCare debate, Schieffer pushed the false narrative of liberals. Opening the March 21, 2010 Face the Nation, Schieffer claimed: “A year-long debate that’s been rancorous and mean from the start turned even nastier yesterday….[Demonstrators] hurled racial epithets, even at civil rights icon John Lewis of Georgia….One lawmaker said it was like a page out of a time machine.”

As the campaign that year wore on, Schieffer mocked Tea Party candidates as “extreme” and “an exotic crew.” (August 29, 2010 Face the Nation.) Six weeks before Election Day, Schieffer went on the CBS Evening News to suggest that the GOP had jeopardized their chances by nominating such extreme candidates.

“It is very much like 1964,” Schieffer argued. “They threw out all the establishment candidates, they threw out their party leaders and they nominated Barry Goldwater who — fine man — but he was far to the right of most of the people in his party, and they lost in a landslide. And that’s why you have establishment Republicans worried about what’s going to happen now in November.”

On Election Day, the GOP won in a landslide, picking up 63 House seats, 5 Senate seats, and 6 governorships. So much for Schieffer’s political insight that conservatism is a turn-off.”

Read Richs’ entire piece by clicking right here.

I wonder if Sheiffer thought a few hundred billion dollars in deficit spending was horrible, what might he have to say about Obama’s nearly FIVE TRILLION dollars worth over the past four years?

You know the answer already.