Another Obama Lie: Obama Met the Deadline for Fixes


Four Pinocchio Obama

Four Pinocchios for Mr. Obama on meeting his deadline

This is what the Washington Post quoted the White House as saying on Dec 1:

‘The Obama administration said Sunday that it had met its goal of improving the online health-insurance marketplace so that it works well for the vast majority of users..’

The White House did some repairs on the Obamacare website. They fixed the front end so it actually does allow some people to enroll. Most of the fixes, however, were cosmetic. That is where the White House decided to put its energies. They did nothing, apparently, about the back end.

They didn’t fix the security as we know and there is no payment option. Mr. Obama plans to fix the payment option by letting insurance companies guess what they are owed. Obama will pay them with taxpayer money and ‘true up’ later.

More importantly, one-third of those who think they are enrolled aren’t. They could conceivably show up in an emergency room on January 1st with a heart attack , a lengthy stay and a $200,000 bill they can’t pay.

Obama’s administration didn’t fix the 834 forms which are used by HHS (Health and Human Services) to communicate with insurance companies. Theses forms provide critical pieces of information such as everything about people who enroll through the exchange.

HHS had problems with these forms since October 1 and knew about the possibility of problems since April. In some cases, insurance companies are getting wrong information as to who signed up for what plan. We have already been told they never even built the payment option.

One can’t get much for a billion dollars these days.

According to The Fiscal Times, “You could get a bad plan or incorrect plan, a plan other than the plan you picked, a plan where the premium was wrong,” said Tim Jost, a professor of law at Washington and Lee University. “You could end up with a plan that didn’t cover all the members of your family.”

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