Another Obama Speech


Mr. Obama spoke about Iraq during his Monday presser. He said the Iraqis and Kurds took back Mosul dam. There will be a humanitarian coalition to help people in need in Iraq. He seems overly confidant in the impact of Al-Maliki stepping down. Maliki is almost irrelevant. There will be no mission creep, he assures us.

About Missouri, he said there will be a civil rights investigation by the FBI. There will be meetings with community leaders.

Eric Holder will travel to Ferguson. Holder is going to race bait, you know he is. Everything he does is colored by his sick perception of Whites and his refusal to leave the 1960’s.

He said most of the people are protesting peacefully. He understands the anger, but violence and looting only raises tensions. There is no excuse for overreactions by police.

What garbage.

He said we are a nation of laws. You could have fooled me.

We mustn’t holler at each other.

Obama said we need to listen, unite, understand, blah, blah, blah.

He barely rewrote his last speech.

Obama likely arranged to come back in the middle of his vacation to look like he’s doing something.

He’s going to review the purchasing of military equipment by police forces. He’s always reviewing.