Another Payoff to Hillary for Future Favors


hillary agap

Hillary really, really loves Corning. She raved about their “investments” in research. They invested $200,000 into her campaign.

She’s basically doing an ad for them. Speaking glowingly of achievements they’ve made in cleaning up the air, the leading presidential contender said she’s happy to be “partnering” with them in the work they do and looking forward to working with them in the future.

Almost a decade ago, as Hillary Clinton ran for re-election to the Senate on her way to seeking the presidency for the first time, the New York Times reported on her unusually close relationship with Corning, Inc., the upstate glass titan. Clinton advanced the company’s interests, racking up a big assist by getting China to ease a trade barrier. And the firm’s mostly Republican executives opened up their wallets for her campaign. She has turned Republicans into donors.

Hillary and Bill have a long history with them and other companies that fund her Clinton Foundation, Bill’s campaigns and her campaigns.

They’re buying her support and she knows how to work the system.