Political Analyst Says Democrat Party Aligns with Radical Socialist Bernie Sanders



Host George Stephanopoulos asked political analyst Mark Halperin about Bernie’s new more aggressive tone and Halperin said what we all already know. Bernie Sanders, radical Socialist, is closer to the core beliefs of the Democrat Party than Hillary Clinton though she’s pretty close from my vantage point.

George Stephanopoulos:

“Let me begin with your guys since you’re in Iowa, the big speeches last night at the J-J dinner. Mark Halperin, we just heard John Podesta take off a little bit on Bernie Sanders’ new tone. How tough was it?”

Mark Halperin:

“It was medium tough. You know, he never mentioned her name. He did point out a lot of contrast. Look, George, he has a ton of material to work with. There are a number of issues where he is more in line with the party than Hillary Clinton, where Hillary Clinton’s position has either shifted or she can’t erase what she’s done in the past. Its’ a range of issues. The question I think going forward is was last night the start of Bernie Sanders drawing these contrasts? Or is that as far as he’s willing to go.”

The Democrat Party has moved to the far-left and the membership seems happy to follow them there. As for Bernie’s “tough tone”, he’s not running seriously for President, he’s running to bring Hillary to the far-left and maybe obtain a cabinet post for himself.

In that eventuality, I might open a relocation business for Conservatives who want to flee the country.



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