Another Power Grab? Ending the Filibuster!


The congress is broken we are told and there is but one solution – end the filibuster and reform Congress while the Democrats are in power. Hmmm…sounds fishy to me.

I am guessing the writer of this article, Joshua Green, is a rabid Democrat. Just a guess. As the writer says, if Republicans win in November, they will be the frustrated ones. I doubt Mr. Green thinks the Republicans will win, but he’s correct on the face of it.

I would prefer not to reform Congress so much as re-elect less partisan politicians and, boy, do we need term limits. Anyone interested in taking that to the Supreme Court?

Common Cause is filing a lawsuit stating that the filibuster is unconstitutional.  Common Cause claims to be nonpartisan but I mostly get partisan, leaning-left emails from them.

Sounds like another leftist power grab to me.

Businessweek: …But the most powerful argument for reform is that Congress is less and less able to do the most basic work of governing. “The Senate has ceased to be a functioning organization,” says Gregory Kroger, a University of Miami political scientist and expert on the filibuster.

The last week has brought two pieces of good news. On Monday, Common Cause filed a lawsuit asserting that the filibuster is unconstitutional. Legal scholars differ on the strength of the case but whatever its merits, the lawsuit will draw attention to the problem.

The other, more significant, event is the apology made on the Senate floor by Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) for not having supported the group of young Democratic senators who pushed for reform last year. Should Reid decide to act, the prospect of addressing the biggest problem plaguing Washington would become more than fantasy…Keep reading…