Another Reason Why Obamacare Will Destroy America



Photo of Obama as Boss Tweed

Much of the following information is from an article written for Investors by Betsy McCaughey

Covered California is about to dole out hundreds of millions of federal taxpayer dollars to contractors in an effort to create an America with a one-party system. The money that is primarily slated for “outreach” will be used to sign up Obamacare enrollees to the Democratic Party.

Obama gave California $910 million to set up exchanges but the money is to be used for bureaucracy such as lucrative compensation packages for employees and contracts for computer equipment, public relations and “outreach.” Most of the money goes to “outreach.”

California passed a law that allows whoever gets the contracts to remain secret for a year and indefinitely how much they were paid.

California legislators passed a law requiring that voter registrations be part of the health insurance exchange.

They announced an initial award of $37 million to 48 organizations who will allegedly raise public awareness. Very few of them are health-care related.

The California NAACP received $600,000 to do door-to-door canvassing and presentations at their left-wing community organizations. The social justice union – SEIU – received grants worth $2 million to make phone calls and go door-to-door. The AFL-CIO in California got $1 million to do essentially the same thing.

Other organizations getting money are anti-fracking, for-profit hospitals as well as other organizations closely affiliated with the Democratic Party.

Another $190.4 million will be spent by December 2014.

The navigators or assisters who will do the “outreach” will get paid $58 for every person they sign up. These navigators or assisters will also make people aware of other services they are eligible for such as welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, and other non-health related social services.They will also make people aware of the voter registration.

It will end up being an exchange of services for votes.

This process will be repeated in every state in the union. California is the model for every other state.

Obama has institutionalized Tammany Hall type corruption with Obamacare.

There is not much hope that we will ever get rid of Obamacare. It is the law of the land and there is already a great deal of money invested in and corruption around the bill.

People should have realized it was going to be corrupt when Obama was willing to buy off Congress to get it passed.