Another Sue & Settle Illegal Immigration Case


Remember when Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt discovered the government was working covertly with radical environmental groups to get unpopular laws through in a sue and settle scheme? They are doing the same thing with illegal immigration though it’s hard to know if it’s planned or they just think along the same lines.

Recently we reported about the government’s latest approach to legalizing illegals without following the laws of our land. The article, “US Government Sued and Settled to Legalize Hundreds of Thousands of Illegals”, goes into more depth than I will here.

In that case, the government conveniently settled with the ACLU who sued to bring back deportees. They are settling again with the ACLU. This time they will conveniently settle to give asylum to any foreign woman and her children – and probably other family members – if she claims she was the victim of domestic abuse.

We know evidence doesn’t matter and this is a direct invitation for liars to come here illegally.

It’s also an invitation to the world because the settlement, brought on behalf of Guatemalan women, will not be limited to Guatemalans.

Refugee status provides an income, free healthcare, medical, dental, housing, education and it even gives them a retirement plan. It puts them on a path to citizenship.

This will also apply to their children and who knows who else. Heck, we wouldn’t want to separate families, it will probably apply to their abusive husbands as well after they go through some ineffective anger management program.

In July, a liberal US court of appeals in San Francisco ordered the immigration court to reconsider granting asylum to Guatemalan women who claim domestic abuse.

The original case was brought by the ACLU.

In August, the Department of Justice’s board of immigration appeals decided to let Guatemalan women already here and who plan to come, apply for refugee status.

According to the Daily Caller, liberal immigration lawyer Ben Winograd gleefully said about the decision, “This (long overdue) BIA decision should make many (foreign) victims of domestic abuse eligible for asylum.”

Given the treatment of women in radical Islamic countries, this new invitation seems to open it up to the Middle East and Africa in particular.

From 2012 to 2013, the number of asylum awards have nearly tripled. That number will continue to increase exponentially.


  1. What you should take care of your citizens. Not a people who hate us. Shame on you. I hope your state kicks you out of office

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