Anti-Amnesty Lawsuit Attracts Big Name Support — And Liberal Hypocrisy



enforce the law

by Julie on Politics

A political fight is brewing over Obama’s executive order granting amnesty to four million illegal immigrants.

Twenty-six different states recently joined a federal lawsuit challenging the order. The suit asserts that Obama violated the Constitution by unilaterally pardoning millions of undocumented immigrants. A spokesman for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who filed the lawsuit, described the order as a “brazen and illegal abuse of power.”

Thirty cities and twelve states have issued support for the other side, filing legal briefs defending Obama’s executive action.

The two sides are mostly split along party lines, with those supporting the lawsuit mostly coming from red states and those opposing it coming from blue states.

The officials who are supporting Obama, such as New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and Los Angeles Mayor Ed Garcetti, seem to have forgotten that executive orders were a constant source of liberal complaining during the Bush presidency.

They also seem to have forgotten the risks of pardoning millions of lawbreakers in one fell swoop. De Blasio told the Wall Street Journal that: “delaying implementation of the President’s executive action will further hurt our families, negatively impact our economies, and create unnecessary insecurity in our communities.”

Leave it to an aging hippy like De Blasio to make the argument that pardoning millions of undocumented immigrants would somehow make America safer.

The reality is the complete opposite. Giving millions of undocumented immigrants a free pass will only increase the insecurity and instability of our society.