Antifa Banner Calling for ‘Dead Cops’ Provokes Outrage


Antifa is very proud of wanting dead cops and are suspected of hanging a banner calling for that from an overpass in Albany. These banners have been popping up on overpasses all over the country. It is an Antifa tactic.

The police took it down Sunday after they received a call. No one knows how long it was up. The police said they can handle it and it’s “insignificant”.

Some in the community have voiced outrage.

“It’s absolute horror,” resident Johnathan Falk said “We’re talking about people who put their lives on the line every day for strangers for not a lot of money, and they’re getting so disrespected. It’s terrible.”

“It feels that it’s not safe nowadays, and it shouldn’t be like that,” said another resident, Peggy Walford.

Antifa have been hanging vile signs from overpasses throughout the country and actually the world. This is a global Communist movement.

Antifa think having this spread around helps their cause which is terrorism. They should keep doing this sort of thing because it shows them for what they are.

These terrorists are also opening cells throughout the country. They say they are Anarcho-Communists and believe they can achieve “peace through violence” according to an Antifa interview via CNN.

Antifa marching

Professors and teachers are proud to call themselves Antifa and some professors are forming Antifa chapters on college campuses throughout the nation.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a leftist hate group itself, won’t label them a hate group though they condemn them. They prefer calling innocent Christian groups ‘hate groups’. They think this violent hate group Antifa is only exercising their free speech.

As they run around with ‘no hate’ signs, they beat people. How ironic.

Dead cops appears to be what they want.