Antifa Lob Balloons Filled with Feces, Urine At Police, Mayor Goes After Police


Antifa, an organization violent fascist thugs, are pelting police in Portland, Oregon with balloons filled with feces and urine. The media insists on calling them “protesters” when they’re rioters, and in Portland, the media is being told not to photograph the incidents.

They pushed the “protesters” out of the downtown park earlier this month as they used slingshots to launch balloons filled with urine, feces and unknown chemicals into police ranks.

In addition to being domestic terrorists, too cowardly to show their faces, they have zero respect for anyone, including themselves.

The mayor went after the police

The mayor Ted Wheeler put out a June 13 list of five questions demanding the police chief explain THEIR actions.

Wheeler put out the questions as he cowered to protesters and the American Civil Liberties Union who claimed the police reaction was out of proportion to the behavior of a handful of antifa protesters.

What the ACLU and the “protesters” consider too extreme was:

  • Police officers corralled 345 people to prevent confrontations between the right-wing and left-wing.
  • The officers photographed detained protesters’ IDs but it sped up release.
  • Police wore riot gear.

The best was this next one.

Police decided to remove left-wing protesters from Chapman Square after officers were hit by objects launched by protesters from slingshots.

“These objects included urine and feces filled balloons, balloons with unknown chemicals, marbles, bricks and rocks,” Marshman writes. “Police observed people in Chapman Square climbing atop the brick restroom structure at the south end of the park, with bricks. PPB knew that objects were already being thrown and slung and that bricks were being prepared to be thrown.”

This violence will continue and possibly increase because nothing happens to the Antifa. They are detained in a station and nothing happens after that.



      • What they want is Kristallnacht (the “Night of Broken Glass”). They want the approved rioters to do whatever they want, and if the disapproved of group tries to defend themselves they will be clamped down on.

        This is the exact opposite of real anarchy, where everyone gets to defend themselves and has equal rights.

  1. How do you put feces in a balloon? Do they stick the balloon up their butt, fart snd hope its loaded? I dont think I want to visit one of these idiots’ organizing workshops.

  2. I didn’t think they could get any lower than acting like children who don’t get their way… now, they’re no better than monkeys in a tree flinging poo and urinating on whatever they feel threatened by.

  3. When these thugs congregate, bring in a fire department pumper truck and give them all a free shower if they get out of hand….the cold water may even shock their brains into sanity…

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