Antonio Banderas Calls for Full-Blown Communism in the United States


I don’t believe in boycotts in general but there are some movie stars who cry out to be boycotted. Sean Pean is one and now Antonio Banderas is another.


Photo of Antonio Chavez Banderas

In an interview with CNN en Español’s Ana Pastor, actor Antonio Banderas expressed his dislike of corporations and their control of political structures – fine, he has me there. His solution, however is for us to become Hugo Chavez communists. He wants the government, a very corrupt organization in of itself as we have come to find out, he wants the government to take over corporations and concentrate power in the hands of the elite few in political office.

He abhors corporations but loves the communist dictator, Hugo Chavez.

He said:

“you get the sense lately that, possible, in the whole world, we are not being governed by the people we voted for,” indicating that corporations are running governments.”


“You break it like Chavez did in his time,” he responds. “You say, ‘the topic is over. I’m taking all these corporations and nationalizing them.'” He concludes asking, “What other way out is there?” He continues his praise for Chavez by calling this century a “post-democratic era,” and lamenting the inevitable corporate corruption of President Barack Obama. Noting that people expected a change upon his election, Banderas adds that he never had hope: “I said ‘no, no, no,’ because he is going to encounter reality.'”

Someone, please, save us from these imbecilic communist movie stars who are pampered and so far removed from reality they can’t think clearly.

Go home Antonio, you don’t belong here. Go live in Venezuela.

Remember when Maxine Waters said this:

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