Anyone Can See Into Macy’s Dressing Rooms


It’s not safe in Macy’s dressing rooms!

STAY OUT OF MACY’S DRESSING ROOMS LADIES! Macy’s dressing rooms are unsafe and anyone who tries to make them safe will be fired!

Thanks to Bob32 who contributed the following information. Macy’s is deliberately hang the doors backwards in the dressing rooms so that anyone can look in as they walk by. Macy’s claims they want to stop thefts, but this is a clear violation of one’s privacy rights.

It’s apparently not illegal as long as they have this sign posted –

Apparently This means they can do pretty much anything

This story was broken in Florida. We recently heard about the case of a woman fired from Macy’s for not allowing a transgender man to use the dressing room. She is now suing, Read here: Macy’s allowing men into women’s dressing room.

Hear from the whistleblower who lost his job when he complained –