AP Chief Says DOJ Seizure Covered Thousands and Thousands of Records


holder's not sorry

AP CEO Gary Pruitt said that the government records seizure covered thousands and thousands of calls in and out of the AP.

On May 13, the AP revealed that phone records for 20 phones were seized by the government for a period of about two months. They are now revealing how many calls were affected.

Pruitt repeated his assertion made during a recent Face the Nation appearance that the Obama administration acted as “judge, jury, and executioner” in obtaining the records.

He again said there was no security risk in their publishing the information about the thwarted bomb plot since the Obama administration announced he was going public on it.

Two weeks ago, Eric Holder told Congress under oath, in response to a question by democratic representative Hank Johnson, that “the potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material” is not something he was involved in or knew about. That has proven to be untrue.

The James Rosen case is more serious than the AP case. In Rosen’s situation, the  Obama administration went judge shopping until they found a judge who would allow the administration to seize Rosen’s phone records without notifying him. Eric Holder personally signed off that Rosen was considered an “aider, abettor, and co-conspirator” in a crime under the  Espionage Act.

Nowhere in the warrant did Holder say he would not prosecute Rosen though he does say that now, leading one to the conclusion that Holder obtained the warrant under false circumstances.

Holder has arranged for a meeting with major news organizations where they can ask any questions they want – no-holds barred. He will not however go on the record and allow himself to be quoted which has caused the AP and the NY Times to refuse to attend. Holder’s reaction was best expressed by DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse – if the press doesn’t come, they have lost their right to gripe. Really??? Is that in the First Amendment? The ACLU doesn’t think so and now they’re involved.

During the meeting in which he hopes to woo the media, he will say that he regrets the wording of the Rosen warrant and that he seized more AP records than was necessary. He will not apologize to the AP. He’s not that sorry.

Eric Holder as the chief law enforcement agent in the country has seriously violated the First Amendment rights of the media and he has apparently lied about it under oath though he might get out of the perjury charge with weasel words. However, weasel words cannot change the fact that he deceived Congress while under oath.