Apple Wants to Pick Our President


Apple appears to be getting on the #neverTrump train.

They will not donate any money to the Republican National Committee (RNC) because they don’t like Trump. Apple is very high and mighty as they do business with terror nations that abuse women and gays.

This is clearly a political ploy.

Apple makes all their products in China. They ship jobs overseas to hire Chinese workers at slave wages and they use the H1-B visa program to take jobs from Americans here.

HP, Motorola, UPS, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Chase, Walgreens, Ford and others are pulling their support from the RNC also because they don’t like the candidate.

All of these companies do business with countries that abuse women and gays – all of them.

Tim Cook does business in countries like Saudi Arabia but he won’t do business with the RNC because he doesn’t like the candidate?

He couldn’t wait to meet with Iran and work out a business deal. In fact his goods are being sold in Iran and he doesn’t mind at all.

Apple’s Tim Cook Has 5x as Many Stores in Tehran as in Indiana