Applebee’s Franchise Owner Euthanizes Minimum Wage Argument


Applebee’s franchise owner in New York, Zane Tankel, explains, no euthanizes the minimum wage argument on Varney & Co. A minimum wage is one thing, but Democrats seem to have such a minimal understanding of economics that they think the government can make the minimum wage into a living wage.

Simple economics: government raising the minimum wage in accordance with ideology means employers have to fire people to make a profit. Why is this so hard to understand? Another point in fact is that these low-level jobs require nothing in the way of skills and aren’t worth more money. These jobs can be replaced by automation.

In Maine, the workers asked for the minimum wage to be lowered

Last November, the Maine State Legislature voted to raise the minimum wage for restaurant servers. Then in mid-June, they voted to lower it back down.

They did it because the Maine restaurant workers the politicians thought they were helping lobbied for a lower minimum wage. They said they don’t want to be saved.

Before the law was passed, the minimum wage workers were paid less but get tips. The legislature in their wisdom decided to raise the minimum by a $1 per year and eliminate the tip rule.

Servers called their representatives to complain when the first law went through. They were worried about the ramifications of the new laws for two reasons: first, that it would force employers to raise prices on their menu items, which could affect their current tips; and second, and perhaps more importantly, employers might be forced to cut servers’ shifts as a result.

“I don’t need to be ‘saved,’ and I’ll be damned if small groups of uninformed people are voting on my livelihood,” said Sue Vallenza, a Maine bartender who spoke to the Post. Vallenza further said she’s already seeing less in tips as a result of customers who believe the wage hike had already gone into effect.

Why do we elect people who rule like elitists, ignore reality, and don’t even follow simple rules of economics?


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