Appoint The “Cheap” Secret Service Guy To Head the GSA


We’re looking at this Secret Service flap the wrong way.  When you learn the affair only became news because the guy was “haggling price” with a prostitute, the story takes on a whole new light.

Here’s a government employee, who actually cares about spending what is most likely your dough, and the fellow gets yanked off the job.  We’re not even talking big bucks here.  The agent, feeling he didn’t get his $47 worth, began the time honored business practice of  renegotiating what was a bad deal.

This conversation is not about billions, millions, or even hundreds of thousands dollars.  The man was arguing over an amount that would have given him $3 change from a fifty dollar bill.  Coming right after scandals engulfing the General Service Administration’s big spending, his behavior looks downright commendable.  There were no reports of that agency trying to get the mind reader or clown to take less for their services.  And, they were paid exponentially more than the prostitute, for a whole lot less time “on the job”.

Martha Johnson has resigned as head of the General Services Administration.  Fill the post with the frugal secret service agent who wasn’t afraid to horse trade with a $47 hooker.  Promote a guy whose not afraid to fight on behalf of taxpayer’s money; no matter the circumstance.