Are We Now a Country on Bended Knee?


Many have awoke and continue to wake from the hibernation of the past. The security and trust that had been placed and shared with their fellow Americans they have now come to find in state of distrust and disrepair. To find this great country standing on bended knee all for the purpose of self is a truly disheartening find.How, for in the realm of the great picture of history can one admonish the works of our great forefathers in the name of a trivial pandered vote is truly disingenuous. Alas this is where we are. Now what is at stake is for the salvation of what was, the question…..will it ever be…returned?

How do we get back? How do we return?

Small steps have been initiated and what we now find is that it will indeed take a massive effort.

Words and speeches though motivational can be weak as a weapon of fortitude.

It will take a force, one that has already started amassing,one of great conviction,one that has deep seated roots as to what this country and the beliefs of which stand for. One that has a pulse on the everyday rewards that were granted to an individual. This force may be labeled as a mom or dad , a sister or brother, patriot or freedom fighter they may fall under the heading of Tea Party or not. No matter the title, they will stand and defend their liberties.

As they look in the eyes of their husbands and wives, sons and daughters, the passion of and for the future of not themselves but for their future generations will be their motivator.

You see, the ones responsible for the failures that stand before us did it in the name of I, ME and Mine there was no We,They, or Them in their world. For if there was we would not be at this precipice of darkness.

The present state of affairs within the so called Washington Beltway demonstrates it well. Government has grown exponentially way out control compared to any other sector. The demise has begun and the will to correct it is there,but by a few. Will we be able to add the troops necessary in time. or will we be added to the footnotes of history under the title of what was,what happened, how could that be?
Will we one day join the ranks of Rome? Remember once there was a Ceasar there was no more Rome. Will it be ‘WE THE PEOPLE” or “CEASAR” ? Stay tuned this will be the biggest blockbuster of all time, the script is being written as we speak!

Daniel 3:18 “But if not, be it know unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.”