Arizona Mother of 7 Freed from Mexican Jail


Yanira and husband Photo of Yanira Maldonado and her husband Gary Maldonado

An Arizona mother of 7, Yanira Maldonado 42, was released from a Mexican prison today after a week of confinement. She was arrested after 12 pounds of Marijuana were found professionally strapped under her seat.

There was no evidence against her. She and her husband were seen going onto the bus with nothing but her coat and water, no packages of marijuana. There are witnesses who said she carried nothing onto the bus. There is also a video.

She is a Morman without any history of drugs or criminal activity. Her family said she has never even tasted beer.

Mexican police stopped the bus she was on after having attended a funeral in Mexico. They found the drugs under her seat and took her away in hand and leg cuffs. They then asked her family for $5000.

Her family wisely went to the news media immediately. There are hundreds of Americans in Mexican jails. Many are likely innocent. Some US citizens have died in these jails before they could be released.

The culture of Mexico is charming – their music, dance, food, religion – all charming. The people are friendly. Their country is pretty. However, the corruption of the police and the power of the drug cartels makes it extremely unsafe for Americans. In general, they do not like Americans.

Five million Americans travel to Mexico on vacation each year, spending $6 billion dollars. Their money would be better spent elsewhere.

Mexico is no friend to the United States.