Armed Pilot Program – Obama Moving Towards Eliminating It

This Works For Me. I'll Catch A Ride On His Flight Any Time!

Testifying before the Senate this week, Panetta defended the defense budget cuts which hit our military in salary and health benefits. Remarkably, he did say that the budget left no room for error. He also asked for an end to sequestration which automatically cuts next year’s defense budget by another half trillion in one year. Read here: USA Today and Sequestration

Defense is not a priority nor is terrorism. There are no Islamic terrorists any longer of course because we wish it so. Therefore, why would we continue with an anti-terrorism program when we can bail out some government agency instead? We are evaporating our nuclear arms so all is right with the world anyway, isn’t it?

It’s so interesting to see where Obama thinks cuts can be made in the budget, not that he cut anything. He increased the payoffs and entitlements and increased the deficit spending by an enormous $1.3 trillion.

One of his cuts is to eliminate half of the funds for the Armed Pilot Program. Obama does not like guns or any weapons of any kind as we know and he has never had an affinity for this program.

Having armed pilots in the cockpit provides a level of safety in this era of terrorism, especially since planes have been proven to be prime targets.

There has not been one ounce of scandal around this program despite leftists’ dire predictions.

President Barack Obama’s budget ax is falling hard on a program that allows pilots to carry handguns in the cockpit as a last line of defense against terrorists.

Obama’s proposed 2013 budget cuts in half funds for the Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) program. The current budget of $25 million a year — which goes for such things as conducting background checks, training the pilots, and periodic gun proficiency tests and retraining, in addition to administrative costs — would be cut to $12 million. Read here: Armed Pilot Program