Armed Police & A Wild Stop Over A Toy Gun


The LA Times reports that a child playing with a toy gun was mistaken to have a real gun. A motorist called the police, and based on this one call, the police came in force to stop the van with guns drawn.

The deputies at the scene could tell the gun was a toy. No arrests were made (uh, no kidding, why would they), but police said they hoped the parents would give a talking to their children, the child with the gun is seven (okay, I can live with a talking to).

As an aside, the 7 year old had recent surgery on his leg and police wouldn’t listen to the mother who said don’t stand the child on his feet.

The family was on their way to Chuck-e-Cheese. The mother was led from the van in handcuffs and the police approached their vehicle and the children with guns.

What about the histrionic fool who reported it? Someone should talk to that person as well. What about the histrionic police – anyone going to talk to them?

Wild police stop over toy gun-