Arms Trade Treaty Obama Wants Us to Sign: What’s In It



Update at the end of the story

Iran, North Korea and Syria have currently blocked the Arms Trade Treaty. Of course they are the ones who need it the most. Mexico wants to go ahead without these nations, mostly because they want to control our right to individual gun ownership. Read about that in the article, “Mexican President demands tighter US gun control”

The lesson from this is that President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry want us to agree to this treaty and you need to know why.

The treaty OMITS the right to individual self-defense. Remember it was not that many years ago when Justice Stevens said we had no inherent right to self-defense and, more recently, he said we have the right to call 911.

  • The treaty frequently refers to the term “end users” which can refer to individual firearm owners.
  • Principle 6 requires states to be responsible for preventing “diversion.” Mexico wants the US to tighten control of firearms and recently asked us to provide them with a registry of all firearms owners in the Southwest. They complain that our firearms are diverted to Mexico, a country which freely trades in illegal arms with South America.
  • Principle 7 strengthens nations’ rights to acquire conventional arms, which actually extends the right to buy and sell arms to dictatorships. It makes it more official.
  • Principle 5.1 requires nations to incorporate every principle in the treaty. That is dangerous.
  • Article 5.3 defines small arms and light weapons by excluding the civilian exemption.
  • Article 17.4 notifies nations that the scope will be expanded as soon as possible.
  • Article 20.3 makes it clear that amendments are allowed by a 3/4s vote. This will be used to coerce the US.
  • Article 20.4 says the treaty is binding only on those who agree to the treaty. Only 1/4 of the 196 nations are at this conference. That’s ridiculous! Only a small number will agree to do this. We are shackling ourselves for an unequal return.
  • Article 22.1 will make the US subject to International Law! International Human Rights Law is mostly used against the US and Israel.

This is what your president wants to sign!!!

Update: 3/29/13:21:00: The British UN Ambassador Mark Grant ignored the blockade and sent the draft treaty to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on behalf of the countries who aren’t blockading the treaty, especially Mexico. The 193-nation General Assembly could vote on the treaty as early as Tuesday.