Army Vet Asked Maxine Waters for Her SOTU Seat, Gets His Response


Several angry Democrats will not attend the State of the Union address and one of them is Maxine Waters. Army veteran Ricky Taylor, aka deplorable vet, who served two tours in Afghanistan, took to Twitter to plead with Maxine Waters to give him her ticket so he could go in her place.

Then this segment hit the airwaves.

Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy said his wife saw the tweet and then he heard the segment from Mr. Taylor.

Duffy offered a guest ticket to Mr. Taylor which has made him one extremely happy man.

Mr. Taylor supports President Trump because he wanted someone who was not a smooth-talking politician.


  1. You can bet President Trump will point out Ricky Taylor during the SOTU and make a big deal about Maxine Waters being AWOL.

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