As Illegals Receive Their Driver’s Licenses, They’re Being Signed Up to Vote


Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote is very concerned that non-citizens will determine who becomes the next president.

When non-citizens receive their driver’s licenses, they are at the same time getting signed up to vote.

Catherine Engelbrecht has been exploring the issue state by state and has found that there are two issues.

One is the physical appearance of the driver’s license issued to illegals that affects the ability of the poll worker to determine an illegal voter.

The second, and the more serious, is the data underlying the issuance of the ID.

In many of the larger states, California being one, there is no distinction between the databases of citizens and non-citizens. There is nothing to prevent the illegals from voting. There is no way to tell a citizen from a non-citizen. “In other words, the flood gates are open,” Engelbrecht says.

Ms. Engelbrecht points out that once it is no longer necessary to prove citizenship in order to vote, elections become little more than body counts at the polls, with no need to compete on the battlefield of ideas necessary to win, you’re “just dragging people across the finish line.”