As ISIS Moves Into Libya, Will Anyone Hold Hillary Accountable?


As ISIS moves into Libya, why isn’t Hillary being held accountable. It was because of her that Libya has become a failed state.

ISIS has announced that they have a backup Capitol in Sirte, Libya, CNN reported.

ISIS has a strong presence in the coastal city of Sirte, Libya, which is a short 500 mile trip to Sicily. They’re building a base there. If we truly had an air campaign, that base would be blown to smithereens, but we don’t. We have a feckless, incremental campaign that accomplishes little.

ISIS in Libya
ISIS in Libya

Their numbers and power in Libya are growing because there is no functioning government, thanks to the war Hillary and Barack led. Hillary, who was the prime mover and shaker of the war, had no plan other than bombing them.

Gaddafi’s arsenal was doled out to terrorists who eventually destroyed the puppet government we refused to help, even when they simply asked for training.

ISIS has declared Sirte will be no less than Raqqa, their current Capitol. They have begun a similar style of living there. They’ve shut down media outlets, beauty salons, installed morality police, erased all semblance of Western influence. They have put in ISIS police, an ISIS educational system, and their own judicial system.

The concern is they will move from Sirte to the oil-rich region of Ajdabia which would give them tremendous oil resources to build a firmer foothold in Libya.

Thousands are dying as a direct result of Hillary’s intervention in Libya.

Hillary Clinton

Libya presented no conceivable threat to the U.S. or U.S. interests.

Hillary Clinton manufactured a need to go into Libya to assassinate its head and she did so in defiance of all intelligence reports. It was her war. She was the face of the Libyan war and she took full credit for it. We now see thousands of people dying trying to escape from Libya to Italy. Many more will die as a direct result of Hillary’s destruction of Libya, and now the country is in greater danger from ISIS.

The campaign was lauded as a foreign policy success for the Obama administration and its most famous Cabinet member, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary touted her success. In an interview with The Washington Post,she  acknowledged “periods of anguish and buyer’s remorse” during the seven months of the campaign. But, she said, “we set into motion a policy that was on the right side of history, on the right side of our values, on the right side of our strategic interests in the region.”

Hillary was the face of the Libyan War but why is she not being held accountable?