As Mayor, Bill de Blasio Will Surveil Police Not Radical Muslims


The new look of terrorism in DC and in New York City will get a lot of people killed and it could seriously impact our economic stability such as it is. New York City’s future mayor, Bill de Blasio, will surveil police, not Muslims. Barack Obama appointed a civil rights lawyer as the head of our vital law enforcement agency, the Department of Homeland Security.

The liberal-statist view of the world is one in which we live in utopian-like peace with law enforcement providing social work style services before enforcement. That is our president’s view and it is the view of our soon-to-be New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio who will be New York’s first communist-loving mayor.

Domestic terrorism is the most significant threat we face in the war on terrorism as our own Department of Homeland Security has made clear. The department will now be run by a lawyer, not a law enforcement professional.

Barack Obama has nominated former Pentagon attorney Jeh Johnson for the position, partly to bolster his (Obama’s) diversity resume.

Johnson is famous for his role in ending the ban on homosexuals in the military. More importantly, he has been intimately involved in policy decisions on border security and we all know how well that is going. Terrorists come across the border from ‘time-to-time’, as Janet Napolitano said.

Johnson is an attorney who focuses on human rights. We can all see where the Department of Homeland Security is headed – not on law enforcement per se but on social work-law enforcement.

The same trend will take place in New York City once Sandanista-loving Bill De Blasio becomes mayor.

De Blasio is a bit of a buffoon having said, for instance, that he’s a progressive fiscal conservative who wants to tax the rich and redistribute wealth. He did walk that back and now says he is fiscally responsible.

He has recently said he wants the police to arrange for talks with motorcycle gangs who are causing problems in New York City. That will work! Giving them legitimacy and sharing meaningless blather is the way to go with criminals! It has worked so well in Chicago!

De Blasio, Marxist extraordinaire, hopes to bring a little bit of Russia to New York City with his economic justice goals in which all will live in utopian equality. The non-productive will reap the benefits of the hard work of the productive. He is ‘fighting inequality and fighting economic injustice,’ as he puts it. The lazy are entitled to your stuff in his world.

The New York Post sees him as bringing the Cuban socialist utopia to New York. Cuba works too.

socailist de Blasio

Satirical look at Bill de Blasio in his Communist Cuban uniform, holding the New York City flag

De Blasio said that when he is elected, he will fire Ray Kelly and order an end to Stop and Frisk. Expect to see the crime wave of the David Dinkins days return. It will probably prove worse this time as de Blasio overshadows Dinkins with his anti-law enforcement law enforcement.

Best yet, de Blasio, as mayor of the city which is the number one target for terrorists, will advance exposure of the city to domestic radical Islamists who use Mosques as their hunting grounds for new domestic terrorists.

He will end surveillance of Muslims under the guise of ‘removing the fear they have lived under.’ He will place the New York City police force under the supervision of a new inspector general.

Instead of surveilling radical Islamists, he will surveil the police.

It’s the touchy-feely way. Save the poor criminals who had bad childhoods and fight the victims and the people who would protect them.

De Blasio has said that surveillance of potential radicals will have to be based on a bureaucratic ‘vetting process proving highly specific specified information’ warranting the surveillance. I told you he was a buffoon.

The NYPD has labeled some mosques as terrorism organizations, allowing them to use informants to spy on imams. The NYPD said it has used the investigations to target individuals suspected of criminal activity and what they have done is constitutional.

Obviously, the Muslim community is supporting de Blasio’s election.

New York loves him. He’s 50 points ahead of his Republican challenger.