As of Today, This Is the Most Important Man in America!



This is a frightening thought!

A Democrat strategist said Wednesday that Bernie Sanders is the most important Democrat today after Hillary’s performance in Kentucky and Oregon, but he might be the most important man in America given his power to move the entire Democrat Party to the hard left.

The Democrat Party has moved very far left. If we want to become collectivists, with ever-diminishing freedoms, without opportunity, this is the way to go.

Bernie Sanders is the most important man in the Democrat Party today, Democrat strategist Doug Schoen told Sean Hannity Wednesday on the ‘Hannity’ show.

Bernie’s closer to a Communist than a Democrat Socialist and he was once a member of the Communist Party, endorsed by them as well. He’s an admirer of Communist regimes.

Because of Hillary’s pathetic performance in the last 17 states with Kentucky and Oregon the most recent, Schoen believes Bernie will push the party to the hard left and he will determine who her VP will be and what her agenda will be.

Hillary barely won Kentucky and lost Oregon by nine points to a 74-year old Socialist who achieved nothing in his decades in the Senate.

Listen to Doug Schoen’s alarming assessment and ask if the Democrats need to call themselves Democrat-Socialists.

This is what Hillary will do to our Second Amendment: