Assist in Abortions Despite the Law


The University of Medicine and Dentistry hospital is being sued by a dozen nurses who have been forced to assist in abortions despite the fact that this is against their religious and moral beliefs. Despite the lawsuit and a temporary injunction, the abortions continue unabated and they are being forced to assist.

The nurses filed suit in October when they were forced to undergo training in assisting with abortions and were threatened with dismissal if they resisted.

The hospital has said no one will be forced to assist if they object on religious, cultural, ethical reasons. The nurses, however, see it differently since they were told they had to assist in abortions or be fired.

The lawsuit is based on federal and state laws which forbid any person working in a facility that receives public funds from being required to perform or assist in abortions. UMDNJ gets $60 million in federal funds.

Abortions continue unabated