Attack On Gibson Guitars – Driven By Lumber Unions?

Fish & Game Raiding Gibson For No Good Reason

Personally, I think this attack on Gibson Guitars is to some degree related to our administration’s views on globalization. The government wants the United States to adhere to international law and they want to follow international law. Then there is the union issue, which could play a large part. There is the fact that the Gibson CEO contributed to Huckabee’s campaign, which might be an issue. There is also the environmental extremist element affecting this action.

We are not only sending most of our manufacturing overseas, but now we can’t let Americans use foreign goods to make products such as guitars. Gibson guitar CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, said that after the government raided his headquarters in 2009 over the use of Madagascar wood, a government official, in a pleading, said his (Juszkiewicz) troubles would go away if Gibson used Madagascar labor instead of U.S. labor. The pro-jobs government (I’m kidding) has cost Gibson guitars $3 million to date.

The attack by the DOJ, specifically Fish & Game, on Gibson’s importing of Indian wood in 2011 is basically the same issue. If the CEO uses Indian labor for the imported parts, he might be trouble-free as opposed to his current practice of importing partially finished Indian materials for people in the United States to finish. The reason for this is that the section of the law (The Lacey Act) that the government is using allegedly forbids the use of this particular wood.

So, the government, with malice or ignorance, is telling us that we must ship our labor overseas. Don’t believe me, listen to this clip.

The next audio clip is Peter Schiff’s radio interview with the Gibson CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz. In the clip, Juszkiewicz explains that only a very tiny fraction of the wood used for guitars in general is from India. Additionally, he has letters from India and an independent evaluator stating that the wood is legal. So why Gibson? What is behind this? This attack might be the result of lumber union complaints, who want U.S. lumber used, according to the Gibson CEO. The interview begins 40 minutes into the interview. 

This next audio interview is from August 31st with Mark Levin and Gibson CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, and in it, Juszkiewicz talks about the armed raid by 20 fish and wildlife agents on 3 Gibson factories. They came in with guns waving at factory workers. Can’t you just see some petty bureaucrats with a little power running amok in the factories as if they were Navy Seals instead of fish & game bureaucrats?

People need to contact the DOJ and complain about the attack on Gibson Guitars. Musicians – where’s the outrage?