Attacks on Paula Deen Might Have Only Just Begun


paula dean

Photo of Paula Deen in better days

Paula Deen’s sponsors have all rallied against her without much hesitation and the Labor Department hopes to continue her downfall.

Paula Deen has been unceremoniously dumped by the Food Network, Home Depot, the Diabetes Drug Company Novo Nordisk, Walmart, Smithfield Farms, Target, Sears, and her book publisher despite the fact that her books are on the best seller list in pre-sales. The Labor Department hopes to catch her having committed other offenses.

The reason is partly because Deen admitted to, in her words, using the ‘N-word’ once and that was ‘a world ago – 30 years ago’ – when a black man at a bank where she was working put a gun to her head. She admitted she might have used it at other times but couldn’t remember though she thought it was probably in a conversation with blacks.

She has apologized repeatedly since the admission became public.

Deen admitted to using the ‘N-word’ 30 years ago under oath in a May 17 deposition for a racial and sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former employee, Lisa Jackson, who worked at the Georgia restaurants she owns with her family. Jackson is white.

The suit is largely based on complaints from Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House in Savannah, Ga. run mostly by her brother, Earl Hiers.

She has been trying to turn the restaurant around for the past six months. Her brother is accused of often coming to work inebriated and of making racial, gay, and sexual jokes in the restaurant. She said she doesn’t micromanage and denied knowing about most of it.

People can read her deposition for themselves and consider her guilt but they should read the entire 149 pages before making a decision.

The lawyer for Ms. Jackson asked her if she said she hoped her brother would have a Southern plantation style wedding and she said yes but she meant nothing derogatory. I’m not sure the 66-year old Ms. Deen realized what the lawyer got her to say after that. She seemed confused but what she said was offensive if she meant anything by it. Go to page 132 and decide for yourself.

Please remember that we now have the “p” word. We can’t use the word “plantation” – not ever.

Now a lawyer from the Labor Department plans to go into her restaurants with a team, including people from Rev. Jackson’s Rainbow coalition, to interrogate employees of her restaurants. They claim that because she pays more than other similar restaurants, employees are afraid to criticize her.

It sounds like they want to destroy whatever is left of her empire.

They have officially launched a witch hunt.  They’re looking for people to complain. Undoubtedly, they will find some malcontents.

The Deen deposition reads like an inquisition by the thought police but people should read it for themselves and decide.

The deposition is a just a deposition in a civil suit and not a conviction of anything but just the same, Deen has been convicted by the media and her sponsors. The sponsors have a zero tolerance policy.

She has apologized repeatedly. She said she is not a racist.

Rev. Jesse Jackson stated this week about Deen: “She should be reclaimed rather than destroyed.” He has agreed to help her redeem herself.

What bothers me the most is that the thought police from the Labor Department are out to get her and if there is one complaint, they will find it and continue her destruction. The problem with that is that one day, they will come for you and me.