Autistic Man Survives Three Weeks in the Desert Using His Wits


William LaFever, 28, has autism. He has been missing in the desert for three week after beginning a hike in June from Boulder, Utah to Lake Powell in an effort to get to Page, Az where his family could wire him money. He wandered along the Escalante River for about 50 miles and became too weak to move.

“It is some of the most rugged, unforgiving terrain you will find anywhere on Earth, jagged cliffs, stone ledges, sandstone, sagebrush, juniper,” said Garfield County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Becki Bronson.

Dehydration and stroke are the most common causes of death.

When LaFever was found, he was near death and couldn’t stand. He made a weak attempt to wave to the rescuers.

LaFever said he survived on river water, eating roots and snacking on frogs.  Traveling along the Escalante River, LaFever had the most important factor covered…water.  This website gives you tips on finding water in the desert and how to conserve it once you have it.  He spent his days in the river and nights along the river to avoid excessive dehydration.

He is going to be fine.

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