Avenging Kidnapper Sues Victims

Jessie Dimmick, Suing His Victims

Before I get to the kidnapper, I want to mention another lawsuit I read about today. A woman, who shall remain nameless, filed a federal lawsuit against administrators of the law school entrance exam. She said she has a brain disorder which causes her to require double the amount of time to take the exam.

She processes slowly and everything has to be repeated to her over and over. Seriously, would you want to hire her as your lawyer?

She will probably win because she’s handicapped and that trumps reason now.

The next lawsuit will make your skin burn, your eyes pop, your blood pressure might even rise. A criminal gets to victimize his victims yet again in this case.

A kidnapper, running from police, broke into a home, held a couple hostage and then offered them money to hide him. He is suing because he claims they broke their oral contract to hide him.

He was running from police because he was wanted for questioning in the beating death of a man. He said the couple forged a binding contract with him to hide him. They fed him snacks, watched TV, and then escaped unharmed.

He wants $235,000 for mental distress and hospital bills accrued after being shot by police.

The couple are asking the court to drop the case. Read more: Fox News