Axelrod Pressures Gallup over Unfavorable Obama Numbers


David Axelrod contacted The Gallup Organization to discuss their methodology after unfavorable Obama numbers were released by Gallup. Axelrod also didn’t like their unemployment numbers.

We do, after-all, “belong” to the government  now according to this administration. Gallup declined to adjust their methodology to suit Axelrod and were subsequently named in a different DOJ lawsuit. Suspicious?

Axelrod and his minions have been  ripping into Gallup via twitter and the National Journal since the incident.

The problem stems from Gallup doing what they’ve always done – offering up varying predictions. One of their predictions was that there could be a lower minority turnout, which would hurt Obama.

Makes one wonder how Axelrod handles the other pollsters and one has to wonder if they fall into line. It would explain a lot of  inexplicably high poll numbers for Obama who is crashing the economy.

Gallup considered releasing their methodology to show the rigorousness of their research but one Gallup email said that Axelrod’s pressure “sounds a little like a Godfather situation.”

Suddenly, the DOJ has become interested in a stale old suit from 2010 and they are going after Gallup over it. Coincidence?

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