Babylon Bellone – He’s Not Who You Think He Is


Bellone is NOT who you think he is, Bellone is not who he says he is, and he has not done what he says he has done. My minority girlfriend is a rabid Democrat, who worked for the county for 30 years. She told me she’s voting for Angie Carpenter for Suffolk County Legislator, and not Bellone. After I was able to close my gaping mouth, I asked her if she was kidding. My liberal friend was going to vote for, perish the thought, a Republican???

She told me that Angie Carpenter is one of the most competent and honest politicians around (she doesn’t trust politicians after having worked with many of them). She said, Angie did a great job as Treasurer, and her (my friend’s) union was supporting Angie. Angie, she said, is not out to get anyone or promote herself; she’s out to keep the county functioning for everyone. That was HIGH praise from my friend, so I decided to look into Bellone and Carpenter.

Babylon, Bellone’s town, has the highest taxes in the county, and it has the highest unemployment, and now, thanks to monies pouring into his coffers, much of it from outside the county, he might be able to do the same for all of Suffolk. Remember, we are used to NO tax increases in Suffolk County.

If you haven’t read about Bellone’s latest scam, click here.

Bellone ads keep bragging about how he lowered taxes. He did lower taxes by over $4 million, once, this year, the year he wants to be elected, after raising them every year he’s been in office.

Newsday agreed that Bellone raised taxes! What’s even more groundbreaking is that Bellone himself agreed that he raised taxes on Babylon residents, contradicting his dubious campaign claim of being a tax-cutter.

In the article, Newsday confirmed that:
-Since Bellone was elected in Babylon, overall town taxes have gone up 51%. These town tax hikes, voted on solely by Supervisor Bellone and the Babylon Town Board, are entirely separate from changes in school, police or library taxes.

-Since Bellone was elected in Babylon, the biggest tax increases have come in the town’s general fund – a hike of 108%.

-Since Bellone was elected Supervisor, the town’s highway tax has increased 79%.

-Steve Bellone is spending millions of campaign dollars, mostly from special interests, flooding mailboxes and crowding television sets trying to buy a new political tax identity – attempting to brand himself as a fiscal conservative. Given Bellone’s real record on taxes, this characterization is the biggest of all political stretches Suffolk County will see in 2011. Will Bellone now use his campaign money to right what he has wronged – and clarify his real record of raising taxes?
Bellone is heavily funded by the DNC and other interests from counties outside Suffolk. So, if Bellone wins, we are allowing other counties and states to decide who our elected official will be. Click here to read the entire article.

Bellone Has Raised The Babylon Town General Fund Tax 104.5%, he raised taxes 19 times, 5 times (53.5%) since the recession, while Suffolk County, the County he hopes to lead has not raised them at all. See his tax records here.


One video discussing some of the increases, increases we have not yet suffered in Suffolk County.

I’d like you to see some of the claims of Pay to Play by the people who live there. The comments that follow are from a forum, not verified by me, but interesting nonetheless, and worth exploring if you have the time and desire to do so: –

1. “How do you get a half of a street donated by the town to your business? You accept a free donation of free PAVER Blocks at Town Hall and give the “Green” concrete men on Muncy half of the street, so that they can spread out their operation across multiple lots. There might be a building or two on those lots with no planning approval or building permits. They also might be missing the required fire sprinkler systems. If you were not part of the Babylon Bellone Friends system you would be storm-trooped by his raiders. Check out the “press releases of Bellone, the pavers at town hall, and the “gift” of the street, and the site on Muncy.

2. Bellone’s failed policies in Wyandanch could be embarrassing, so he’s taken Wyandanch off the tax rolls to avoid detection.All Babylloneyville’s Belloney is doing with Wyandanch(Democratville) rising, is using the classic democratic redistribution of wealth program. He takes existing Babylon taxpaying properties, in Wyandanch(Democratville), off the tax rolls in the name of a Wyandanch renaissance. This pushes the missing collected taxes onto the remain “collective”(the democratic operative word) taxpayers throughout the rest of the town. I mean can the Wyandanch School district afford to lose more of it existing tax base on this Belloney program. Babylon already has the distinction of being the highest taxed Town in Suffolk County. Read here: Babylon Pay to Play



His opponent, Angie Carpenter, is the country Treasurer. She knows where the money is and knows where to cut. She has been doing it since 2005. She has served on almost every legislative committee, where she generated county initiatives in public safety, education, economic development, consumer protection and cultural affairs. She was elected unanimously to serve as the Legislature’s Deputy Presiding Officer for 2 consecutive years.

From Angie Carpenter’s website: She owns her own business and was an important lead in helping to draft the County’s annual $2+ billion budget during her years in County Government. She worked to bring the Touro School of Health Sciences to downtown Bay Shore, and worked tirelessly to increase aid to Suffolk Community College. She continues her role as an avid supporter of the college, and worked from the beginning to see the construction of the $54 million-dollar Health and Technology building at the Western Campus, the fastest growing campus of the college.

She helped implement a mass transportation public information program, enacted a Linked Deposit Program to promote local business expansion, and directed the County Health Department to provide free testing for prostate cancer, and worked closely with the local breast cancer coalitions. She was instrumental in the preservation of historic Sagtikos Manor in Bay Shore, providing a blueprint for the way to help preserve Long Island’s past for its future.