LA Plans to Turn Columbus Day Into Indigenous Peoples’ Day


The LA City Council is backing plans to turn Columbus Day into Indigenous Peoples’ Day. It’s not only a slap at Columbus and Italians, it’s a flagrant lie. The so-called indigenous people they are talking about are illegal aliens and Hispanics. They include Native-Americans, but that’s not what it’s about.

LA is becoming its own foreign country. Neo-Communists are using the aliens.

They are moving on the Marxist cultural revolution

It is being pushed throughout the nation. It’s not a conspiracy.

The council is exploring the “wounds of race, oppression and national identity”.

Many of the people coming here hate us and are members of LaRaza and Aztlan. They believe citizens are occupiers and the Southwest belongs to Mexico. They’re taking it back. La Raza is the voice for the movement though they deny it and say it’s only gangs who speak of Aztlan.

Do listen to one of the former LaRaza and Aztlan leaders. [Mexico willingly sold the land to the United States after the U.S. gave back half the land won in war more than 150 years ago.]


  1. Columbus took incredible risks to come here. Italians came here 100 years ago and were given nothing for free. We learned the language, culture and became patriots. Modern day arrivals get several handouts and learn the language as little as possible.

    • Lombardi you are cherry picking facts. All arrivals receive hangouts? Learn the language as little as possible? Since we’re cherry picking should I state all Italians joined the mafia and sold bootleg booze?

      • All refugees immediately get assistance and all illegals are immediately eligible for food stamps and child care credits.

  2. Oh my God. A slap in the face to Columbus? You mean the same explorer that enslaved the indigenous Taino?

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