Baltimore Mayor Quoted As Saying, “Let Them Loot, It’s Only Property


A senior law enforcement officer told Fox News on Wednesday that there was a direct order to the police chief to stand down even as rioters threw rocks and bottles at them, burned more than 140 cars and destroyed or damaged 150 small businesses and homes.

The officer said the directive from the mayor was, “Let them loot, it’s only property.” That’s a direct quote from someone who was in these meetings with the mayor.

Not only did the mayor refuse to allow police to do their job, she lied about it.

To anyone who watched the riots on Monday night, there is no doubt this is the truth.

If you think you have heard it all, you haven’t.

Sheriff Lewis was in Baltimore on Monday and heard the orders, not directly from the mayor, but over the police radio.

A senior housing complex was burned to the ground. It took decades for the Baptist ministers in the city to acquire the funds to build it. A poor woman’s house was set aflame. One business owner lost a million dollars worth of merchandise to thieves. Rioters said the same thing the mayor said – it’s only property. Their message was more important.

Urban warfare was unleashed on Baltimore because of horrendous leadership. The Sheriff said, “it made me sick to my stomach.”

Listen to Sheriff Michael Lewis talk about what happened on Monday night.

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