Baltimore’s “Malicious Prosecutor” Marilyn Mosby Faces Disbarment Charges


Marilyn Mosby has been accused of malicious prosecution in the case of six police officers who had Freddie Gray in their custody when he died from a serious neck injury.

A George Washington Law University professor has filed disbarment charges against Mosby for what he says is the corrupt prosecution of six Baltimore cops in the death of “career criminal Freddie Gray”.

There have been three trials and Mosby has not come close to winning.

His charges are:

  1. She did not have probable cause
  2. She made false public statements in the case.
  3. She improperly withheld exculpatory evidence from the defense.
  4. After the judge found insufficient evidence to prosecute, she continued to prosecute.
  5. She engaged in conduct that was dishonest, fraudulent, deceitful and which misrepresented the facts.

The complaint was filed with the Maryland Bar Counsel called Mosby a “runaway prosecutor.” The professor, John Banzhaf said she has harmed the city of Baltimore and if not checked, the harm will continue.

The professor said she misused her role and it was a “perversion of her office.” He accused her of filing charges to calm the unrest.

A former prosecutor chewed her up at the time.

Former Prosecutor Chews Up CNN Hosts Over Mosby’s “Recklessness”



  1. I hope her career as a lawyer is over, and washing toilets fills the rest of the days of her sorry life.

  2. So she’s bad now, classic there’s an officer involved that is under psychiatric treatment that wasn’t supposed to even been on the field is that a lie also.

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