Banning Foods Ain’t That Sweet


You know that Big Mac you had 15 years ago? It could come back as a craving at any moment. Be afraid of all sweets and junk food, be very afraid. Personally, I am still thinking about that peanut butter cup I had at Halloween and might be an addict.

San Fran tried to ban Happy Meals toys to discourage their purchase but McDonald’s outsmarted them by giving the toys away for free. LA schools banned chocolate and strawberry milk from school lunches. Sugary drinks were banned from public buildings in Boston and Mayor Bloomberg contemplated the same move in NYC. Michelle Obama talks about non-existant food deserts. [National Review] Where is this all headed?

Now we have a plethora of studies coming out against sugar, chocolate, ice cream and all things sweet.

Animal rights activists have long been opposed to milk chocolate because they are worried about cows. They claim that cows are killed when they age so they can be replaced by younger milking cows. Since milk is used in milk chocolate, milk chocolate, according to the loons is responsible for cow murders. I wonder if it is better to eat dog.

Studies are now coming out that say chocolate is linked to alcoholism and heroine addiction.

There is a study to “prove” ice cream is as addictive as illegal drugs like heroine and cocaine. The brain on ice cream, according to the study, is left wanting for more in much the same way as cocaine. One researcher, Dr. Kyle Burger of the Oregon Research Institute, did however agree that it is unlikely that ice cream lovers are addicted per se.

Then there is the study that “proves” junk food is as addictive as heroine. Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida found laboratory rats became addicted on a bad diet just like people who became dependent on cocaine and heroin.

Are french fries, ice cream, sugary anything headed for the government chopping block? Now that the government is in charge of healthcare via Obamacare, they have an aversion to obese people. I long for the good old days when you weren’t allowed to insult overweight people or tell them what to eat.

Recently Jose Rodriguez, a CIA operative, talked to Lesley Stahl about water-boarding. Lesley Stahl seemed particularly appalled by the dietary manipulation of KSM. Aren’t we headed for dietary manipulation? Isn’t that what Michelle Obama is trying to do to us?

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