Barack Hussein Obama: Puppet on a String


by Linda Goudsmit

James Comey’s stunning televised judgment against prosecuting Hillary Clinton was not a decision to protect the Clinton crime family or Comey’s personal and family involvement with the Clintons over decades. It was a battle tactic designed to protect Barack Hussein Obama – the globalist elite’s presidential puppet on a string.

Barack Obama is not the prime mover of anything – he is a malignant narcissist pawn whose easy smile and sophisticated multi-cultural appearance made him the perfect candidate to dupe America into following him down the path of cultural suicide toward socialism and ultimately the imposition of globalist elite one-world government.

Obama is a media construct mentored by his radical Muslim father, radical socialist teacher Saul Alinsky, radical preacher Jeremiah Wright, and black separatist friend Louis Farrakhan. Barack Obama is a pawn of the globalist elites – the perfect con man.

Barack Obama was groomed for his mission to bring “hope and change” to America but it was not the hope or change that most Americans understood those words to mean.

Barack Obama became president with the specific task of transforming America from a strong democracy to a weak socialist state. Socialism with its cradle-to-grave government control is the necessary stage before imposition of one-world government.

One must never underestimate the influence of a community organizer. Puppet-in-chief Barack Obama is first and foremost a community organizer.

He started in Chicago, moved on to the White House, and now leads a shadow government of Leftist anarchists determined to delegitimize and destroy Trump’s presidency with a “resistance” movement. WHY?

Obama’s motives are ideological – he is an anti-American pro-Muslim son of a radical anti-American Muslim Kenyan.

Barack Obama spent eight years fulfilling the dreams of his father to weaken/destroy America by weakening the American military, perverting American education toward socialism, de-industrializing America, collapsing the American economy, and seeding the US government with Muslim Brotherhood members/sympathizers whose mission is to destroy America from within.

Obama followed Saul Alkinsky’s playbook Rules For Radicals explicitly. Joining him was Hillary Clinton, also a globalist student of Saul Alinsky, but greedy crooked Hillary’s motives were monetary – she and Bill enriched themselves enormously during her tenure as secretary of state with her pay-to-play sale of influence, the Clinton Foundation, and with their obscene money laundering pay-to-payoff speaking fees.

Barack Obama was the most lawless president in US history – his stunning executive overreach was rivaled only by his greater crime of corrupting the impartiality of the US government by politicizing its agencies and using them to advance his personal political goals to weaken America.

Obama also seeded his administration with left-wing liberal operatives determined to help him “transform” America. His lawless administration embraced an “ends justifies the means” philosophy that is the infrastructure of tyranny.

Beginning with Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Samantha Power, John Kerry, Ben Rhodes, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, John Podesta – the list goes on and on and on – their crimes and the coverup makes Watergate look like a kindergarten play.

To stop the investigation into their crimes the Trump’s presidency is being deliberately stalled by activist judges in the courts and hysterical calls for his impeachment.

The fake news, fake accusations, fake allegations echoing ad nauseum by the colluding mainstream media are all coordinated battle tactics to destabilize and discredit Trump and remove him from office to end the investigations and protect Obama so that he can complete his mission to destroy America.

Barack Obama’s crimes were designed and facilitated by the globalist elites who required the divisiveness and social chaos that Obama’s anti-American policies created in preparation for full transformation by legacy candidate Hillary Clinton.

Crooked Hillary was already a pawn of the globalist elites fully complicit in their goals to socialize America. Disingenuously billed as altruism with the promise of social justice and equality the Obama/Clinton collectivist policies were actually designed to de-industrialize America, collapse the American economy with untenable trade deficits, and indoctrinate American students with Common Core disinformation, political correctness, moral relativism, and historical revisionism.

Their policies were designed for the destruction of American democracy and transformation into socialism – the necessary step before internationalizing American interests and imposing one-world government. Being with HER was supposed to clinch the globalist deal.

But then the unthinkable happened – Hillary lost – and the entire globalist elite plan fell apart. First came the shock, then came the hysteria, and then the coordinated deliberate ongoing effort to overthrow Donald Trump’s government.

Obama’s “resistance” movement is two-tiered. The top and obvious purpose being to topple America-first nationalist Donald Trump but underneath is the coverup of the multiple crimes of the Obama administration.

Jeff Sessions has begun the arduous task of exposing the criminals in the swamp and it is extremely dangerous for the Left but far more dangerous for those who pull their strings – the globalist elites.

The globalist elites simply cannot allow their most potent weapon, Barack Hussein Obama, to be exposed for the criminal that he is because then he would be immobilized and unable to lead their phony “resistance” movement to overthrow the government.

Bringing down constitutionally elected President Donald Trump brings down America because it delegitimizes our constitutional elections – it is anarchy.

President Donald Trump is the symbol of American sovereignty and America-first policies – the greatest obstacle to one-world government. Trump is peeling back the multiple layers of Obama’s lawless anti-American presidency.

The coordinated effort to destroy Donald Trump is a giant cover-up to protect the secrets of Obama’s criminal administration. The globalist elite are desperate to stop Trump because if Obama is exposed it leaves them without their popular prime puppet to continue marching America toward anarchy and social chaos.

The clock is ticking. If Donald Trump is successful in making America safe and great again by restoring law and order and re-industrializing America with jobs jobs jobs – he will be unbeatable which means that the globalist effort to destroy America begun after WWII has finally failed.

The globalist elites are running out of time because Jeff Sessions is onto them and will not stop until their sinister plan to destroy America is exposed and they are defeated. LOCK THEM ALL UP!


  1. What is Sessions actually doing in this regard. I have yet to see anything of substance except going after criminal illegals. I’m also a bit concerned with his aggressive approach to Asset Forfeiture.

    Apparently Trump is also getting somewhat dismayed with Sessions. It may be in part of the lack of serious investigation into all the leaks.

    Along the same theme, Congress also appears to be thwarting the Real investigations that should be undertaken. Why in the world should Congress be holding “Closed Hearings” with witnesses who have NO classified information nor do they have any clearances for classified information. This is really getting to smell more and more as time goes by. The main witnesses they are “choosing” to invite are non-ancillary participants in these matters.

    Furthermore, where are all the subpoenas for those have been refusing to testify and why are so many hearings being rescheduled again and again. We should all be asking what do those on all the Committees have to hide. Evidently it is THEY who are covering up SOMETHING. There has yet to be any vigorous investigation into what is important to the country.

    We have to be quite wary of many things in the Government narrative and one in particular. Why the insistence that Russia hacked the DNC. We can be suspicious that a company, CrowdStrike, is the sole support of this narrative. Since no one but that company had access to the server no one can truly know. But we do have one piece of evidence that casts a very great deal of doubt on that charge.

    I had never downloaded the files to examine any of the details but one person DID find one particular curious fact. When files are copied there is a TimeStamp of when it was created, or copied. This investigator assumed the person who copied the files used Linux. There is a switch in the copy command that would allow the original TimeStamp to be maintained otherwise the current date and time is applied to the file. Whoever copied those DNC files did not use any switch to maintain the TimeStamp integrity, and by analyzing the file TimeStamps there wasn’t near the time elapsed between the files to suggest an external hacker. The files HAD to have been copied locally. The investigator assumed a person used a USB drive loaded with Linux OS to copy the files. This is a HIGH probability, as the Intelligence Community would call it.

    • I remember reading something about the time stamp. We are in the hands of corrupt people. Trump’s our only hope. I just wish he wouldn’t give interviews to these papers that hate him.

  2. I used to believe most politicians in Washington were honest and decent. One thing for certain is the campaign and election of Trump has shined a bright light on the true nature of Washington and those who are elected to serve there.

    One of our Senators, Pat Roberts, have gained the accolades of many, especially in the farm community. During the last election his opponent, a Doctor, campaigned heavily with the fact that Roberts had NO residence whatsoever within the State. His “supposed” residence was little more than a ‘closet’. It was looking more and more like he was going to lose and in his last ditch effort he ran a disgusting smear campaign about a comment the Doctor once made that was made to look worse than it was. One of our other Senators, Bob Dole, hadn’t lived in the state for Decades, yet both act as if they “Know” the state. HOW can anyone know a state when you don’t reside there for decades upon decades.

    Our Representative doesn’t fare much better. I was surprised he won reelection after it came out he was swimming ‘nude’ in Israel. That’s a forgotten memory to most these days.

    I’ve written to all three and don’t even get an acknowledgement let alone any further discussion. As usual, we are just IGNORED by the politicians. NONE of them now, or in the past, seem to have a permanent residence in the State. Once they get to Washington they are never to be seen again. That’s why I’m in favor of term limits, One term for Senate and two for Representatives.

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