Barack Obama Brags About Obamacare, Sends a “Clear Message” to Russia, Jets Off to Hawaii


His foreign policy is nonexistent. Barack Obama claimed that when Putin was hacking or allegedly hacking, he told him to “cut it out”. That must have had Putin quaking in his boots. China stole a US drone in front of the research ship this week but he had little to say about it, and then it was Mele Kalikimaka and he was off to Hawaii.

Remember when he said Iran was a “tiny country” that couldn’t harm us and then he made them into a soon-to-be nuclear power and gave them hegemony in the region? Now he is saying the same about Russia. Russia is “a smaller country, a weaker country,: that doesn’t “innovate,” “produce anything”.

In this next clip, he is bragging about telling Russia not to hack us even though they did. He said there will be consequences [like the red line?] and then he jetted off to Hawaii.

Obama actually praised his Obamacare legacy in this week’s address. Fair competition is at the “heart” of Obamacare, he said and the economy “only works when there’s competition.”

After all the news about the rising unsustainable costs of Obamacare, he has the audacity to brag about it. He saved that message for the end of the address, claiming, blatantly falsely, that Obamacare stirs competition.

“Finally, it’s this principle of competition that’s at the very heart of our health reform. In fact, it’s the reason we call it the Affordable Care Act; it makes insurance companies compete for your business, which is helping millions afford the care that helps them get and stay healthy.”

He’s delusional if he thinks Obamacare isn’t biting the dust.

Obama actually standing before the American people trying to convince us that Obamacare is a success and represents fair competition when insurance companies are pulling out, leaving many with one choice. Obamacare is all about no choice.

The address also promoted his economic policies as successes that stemmed the tide of unemployment in America. He must have forgotten the workplace participation rate which is nearing 100 million, they just don’t count in the rate. He talks about cutting the deficit but he ballooned it in his first four years and is only cutting his inflated budgets. He’s added ten trillion to the debt.

This week, Obama referred to media sources  who report news the mainstream refuses to report as “domestic propagandists”. He and his cronies are preparing to silence conservatives and all opponents in social media and online.

Obama is a sorry joke that will run out in a month.

After more than 300 rounds of golf, he couldn’t wait to hit the links in Hawaii.


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