Administration to White Southerners and Congress: You’re All Racists


Barack Obama, while speaking about his ‘legacy’ to host Fareed Zakaria, made it clear he isn’t finished dividing us as a nation. On CNN, a fake news network, he implied that white southerners are racist.

Obama told Fareed Zakaria, “I think there’s a reason why attitudes about my presidency among whites in Northern states are very different from whites in Southern states. Are there folks whose primary concern about me has been that I seem foreign, the other? Are those who champion the ‘birther’ movement feeding off of bias? Absolutely.”

Axelrod did one better and suggested the GOP in Congress are racist.

The president denied that his troubles with Congress were race-related, but his former adviser David Axelrod, who also appeared on the program, expressed a different view, asserting, “It’s indisputable that there was a ferocity to the opposition and a lack of respect to him that was a function of race.”

Obama refers to the birther movement in the video but forgets to mention that Hillary passed that bit of fake news around. He wants to diminish Donald Trump who investigated the birth certificate.


  1. I felt that Obama may have suffered some degree of racism particularly in his dealings with congress and the Senate. They objected to his plans so much that he is probably the ONLY President that used Executive Powers to such a degree that it became like a joke. Why did these Upper houses challenge every important piece of Legislation Including the BUDGET that needed their approval? I do not recall any other President so at ODDS with Government. They held the country to Ransom when they refused to approve his Budget. They Invited The Prime Minister of Israel to talk to them which was a Total Smack in the Face. This to me was a clear indication of Disrespect for his Status and a cheap shot. I want to see how they deal with The Donald.

    • They challenge it because most of it was not good for the American people . If you cant see that then you are part aof the problem. I don’t believe it was all racist against him but against the division he has done and is still doing to our country. He has used the race card so much that people have gotten sick of it. We are one people . We are all American’s and it would be nice to see all American’s acting like American’s again. This politically correct and offending someone needs to stop . What is happening here is that no one can say or do something because it will offend someone. This is life people say things but you have to just ignore it that is the way life is you are never going to make everyone happy with everything and to have law suits and shooting and protests and riots about this is just so wrong. Suing someone for something has become a way of life and it needs to stop . People need to stop all this . I see so many people unhappy and why because they are not letting things go they harp on things and get others stirred up . Obama has started a unrest in this country that needs to stop and they all need to show him we may not agree with everything everyone says or does but please show him that we can all get back to living in a country we can be proud of and neighborhoods that we can work as a group to rebuild and tear down. It takes everyone to make a country thrive and prosper and we as an American People can do this we just need to stop listening to the instigators and start working and helping our fellow man /women to enjoy and love our lives and our people. It won’t be easy but if we all work hard we can accomplish anything. We don’t have to like each other we just need to start tolerating each other. We as a people will never get along completely but that is good because we are all different and that is what makes america . But when you have illegals coming in and destroying our life stlyles and trying to push theirs on us or not go by our rules then we need to stand up to them and make them either accept our laws or go back from where they came. If they want to come in peace and live in peace than come here in the correct way legally.

  2. Can’t wait until the liar n thief is out of the White House. You got ripped to shreds by every foreign power, have no distinction, have no legacy, other than everything negative. I’m so glad your reign of terror is over.

  3. Perhaps they disagreed with his policies. Of course disagreement with a leftist is paramount to blasphemy. Sorry, but intentions do not make for good government. As a mater of fact the worst violations of our rights came from the left.

  4. I just don’t get it. Has anybody else noticed how white liberals use racism as a debate-ender. You don’t agree with Mr. Obama? You are racist!
    But why is it racist? Can’t it just be that they may have been responding to Mr. Obama’s policies in the way their constituents asked them to? Can’t it just be that they were terrible policies? Does it really have to be all about race? David Axelrod says that it is indisputable that Congress opposed him because of racism. Why can’t that be disputed? What indisputable proof does Mr. Axelrod offer that Congress acted based on racist opinions that they held of Mr. Obama? None. But we have to believe it because he said it. How does David Axelrod have the moral superiority or even the mental telepathy to be able to make that pronouncement. So many people are wringing their hands with worry that Mr. Trump will be the biggest racist the White House has ever seen. I think that has already happened.

    • It’s a gimmick. My beloved nieces are black, I grew up in a black neighborhood, walked with Martin Luther King Jr as a child, chose to attend a Catholic high that was almost all minorities, yet I’m called racist more times than I can count.

      There’s a new gimmick now -fake news -they want to silence us.

      If we come up with a catchy descriptor like tea party or alt-right, they will find the one nut and paint us all with the same brush.

      They don’t want us to describe ourselves in a way that will catch on.

  5. This f[edit]kin narcissis is oblivious to facts, his agenda was to devide and create as much hate and unrest
    in our own backyard so he could move forward with his true anti American agenda he has not mentioned in any of his campaigns. I do believe his personal reasons for wanting to be president of the United States was not to be apart of a great nation, his agenda for the US was to rid the world of the American values and culture such as a CIVILIZED SOCITY that uses reality and common sense to achieve the status of the Leadership in the world, and he did it, under his legacy of NON ACHIEVEMENT, America is view as the week ignorant idiot obama is, that’s what the name calling, division of citizens, lawlessness, incapable of securing the boarders was all about, to degrade the nation that showed him to be the low life, hating, bigot he accuses his enemy of being. He has the maturity level of a kindergartener.

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