Barack Obama Can’t Make Justice Scalia’s Funeral, He Might Go Golfing


Barack Obama

Barack Obama’s spokesperson Josh Earnest said  the president is not going to the funeral of Justice Scalia on Saturday and, when asked, Josh Earnest said he wouldn’t rule out Barack Obama going golfing instead. The president will pay his respects Friday when the Justice’s body is on display in the rotunda.

It’s a tough choice – go to the funeral of a long-serving, dedicated Justice of the Supreme Court or go golfing.


Yet Barack Obama attended the funeral of a former Grand Wizard of the KKK and gave a moving tribute to the old buzzard – Robert Byrd. He gave a eulogy at the funeral of the Marxist Nelson Mandela.

He ignores the funerals of people with whom he disagrees such as Margaret Thatcher.

It’s okay that Byrd was a KKK member according to Clinton because Byrd only joined to get elected – as a Democrat I might add. You had to be a Democrat to be in the KKK.

Byrd filibustered the 1965 Civil Rights Act.

President Obama called Byrd, the nation’s longest-serving legislator and a fierce protector of the US Constitution, a “Senate icon” and an “elder statesman.”

“We know there are things he said and things he did that he came to regret,” Obama said. “I remember talking about that the first time I visited with him. He said: ‘There are things I regretted in my youth; you may – you may know that.’ And I said: None of us are absent some regrets, senator. That’s why we enjoy and seek the grace of God.”

Former KKK Grand Wizard Robert Byrd
Former KKK Grand Wizard Robert Byrd

Does Byrd look that young in the photo of him in his Grand Wizard outfit? If he’s a youth, he sure was aging badly.

“And as I reflect on the full sweep of his 92 years,” Obama said, “it seems to me that his life bent towards justice,” Obama said. “Like the Constitution he tucked in his pocket, like our nation itself, Robert Byrd possessed that quintessential American quality, and that is a capacity to change, a capacity to learn, a capacity to listen, a capacity to be made more perfect.”

If Byrd was the keeper of the Constitution then we really are in trouble, but then we do have a constitutional scholar completely obliterating the Constitution from the White House.