Barack Obama Credits Himself & Hillary Clinton for Egypt & Libya

Tahrir Square
Tahrir Square

The online paper, Islamic Invitation Turkey, declared that  Great Satan US and the UK were forced to close their Embassies temporarily in Egypt after four straight days of violent clashes between Egyptian protesters and the police forces. Protests took place throughout Egypt in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and Port Said among other cities.

Even with martial law, the violence continues in Egypt.

Libya is not faring any better.

Westerners are being told to leave Benghazi to avoid being kidnapped. According to Arab News, the Libyan President, Mohammed Megaryef, who was put into power by the US, barely escaped an assassination attempt on January 6th. Libya has closed its borders with Chad, Niger, Sudan and Algeria. Tripoli declared martial law in the region.

Way to go Hillary and Barack!