Barack Obama Gave the Socialist Speech of His Lifetime Tuesday


Barack Obama gave his last UN speech Tuesday and preached about income inequality, social justice, and fairness. He talked only of democracy and, as usual, did not mention the word “Republic”.

He said the world is “too small to build a wall.” The US just gave $75 million in aid for an anti-illegal immigrant wall with Central America.

When Karl Marx began to hypothesize that an economic revolution would occur, one of his primary concerns was the unequal distribution of wealth. He saw a capitalism as the root cause of terrible inequality though leftist societies are far worse. Capitalism allows people to rise above their station in life. Mr. Obama’s speech today could have come from Karl Marx.

Barack Obama made it clear that he wants to nation build with taxpayer money. His goal is to redistribute our wealth to the poor countries of the world in the name of climate change. He does not care about the USA, he cares about the world. He is concerned with income inequality globally and wants far more “investment” in other nations.

He spoke of mass migration, blaming poverty and climate, when he himself is largely responsible for allowing Isis to run amok in 18 countries without any real resistance. That and the poor handling of the wars are the root cause of the migration.

Obama’s policies have caused many of the world instabilities today. He coddled our enemies and ignored our allies. He’s long on rhetoric but incompetent and detached from reality. There is no region in the world right now that is better under his non-leadership. Remarkably, he bragged about the Iran deal and he is the one who ignored the Green Revolution.

The lame duck president spoke of transparency and authoritarianism. He said there is a contest between authoritarianism and liberalism adding that he believes in the rule of law. Ironically, he is the authoritarian who has shown no respect for the rule of law.

We should help refugees but Obama just stepped up our surge of Syrian refugees and erased the vetting process. We don’t need to give even more aid to other nations in general. We need to cut back!


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