Barack Obama Is a Scream Just Like Howard Dean


Barack Obama must have gone to the same scream your speech school that Howard Dean went to, judging from his most recent speeches. He doesn’t have a record of success so he either attacks Mitt Romney or he screams all the things he will accomplish which he has not accomplished over the last four years.

In his speech yesterday, President Obama rehashed what he said in ’08. Remarkably, he got cheers from the audience while he railed about what one must do to reduce the budget deficit. He hasn’t come up with a budget in four years and he has added over a trillion in deficit spending each year yet he is portraying himself as the expert on budgets. He is a fraud.

Obama took credit again for that very shaky auto bailout and he thinks the economy is on an upswing.

He demonized the rich as usual. The tax on the rich that he wants to levy (for starters) will come to $90 billion which will cover the budget for a couple weeks.

He said he is going to reduce college tuition by 10% which he has not done for the last four years. He is making it easier for people to get the government loans that are part of the problem in wasteful college spending.

President Obama demonized the Republicans for trying to hold the line on taxes and decadent spending. Speaker Boehner offered him $800+ billion in tax increases last year and President Obama rejected them at the last minute before the deal was to be shared with the public. Obama will not compromise at all. He’s dictatorial. The new Democrats are fine with that because they are not liberals, they are statists who want everyone to do as they say because they know best.

Harry Reid has already announced he will not work with a President Romney and Valerie Jarrett is talking about all the revenge she will levy on her opposition. What is wrong with these people?

People who love Obama love this speech and to me, all I hear is blah, blah, blah until the end when he’s screaming and we are all supposed to be fired up like a herd of sheep on uppers.

Barack is screaming during or at the end of most of his speeches now. During the last minute of the following speech, Barack starts winding up into a Howard Dean-like scream:

Howard Dean, the famous screamer:

Joe Biden is a scream as well. Why isn’t anyone in the media concerned about him being a heartbeat away from the presidency? Biden makes absurd gaffes on an almost daily basis, though the following is very funny. Funnier still is the applause it gets.